What Should I Do If My Phone Battery Is Hot?

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A hot mobile phone is one of the most common problems faced by many users today, what exactly is the cause of this? Here we teaches you how to prevent your phone from getting hot, cool down the phone battery and prevent it from being damaged.

1. Not to use your phone when charging

When your phone is charging, put it in a ventilated and cool place, and stop continuing to play games and watch movies. These actions will cause heat, and moreover, damage and premature ageing of the battery.

2. Turn on low power consumption mode

If you find that your phone is hot when charging or heating up, it is recommended that you turn on low power mode to extend battery life, even run at low performance, and stop apps from working in the background to prevent the battery from heating up or heating up.
Both iPhone and Android users can enable Low Power mode.

3. Switch off your phone

If you find that your phone is too hot to handle, it is advisable to stop using the phone, turn it off and allow the temperature to cool down before turning it back on.
Do not take it to the fridge to cool it down, as this will cause moisture to condense inside the body and turn it into droplets, which will in turn cause the main board and electronic parts to become damp.

4. Replace the battery

If your phone is constantly hot, even after you turn it off to cool it down, the temperature starts to rise when you turn it on and use it, so hot that you can‘t even hold it in your hand, the battery may have aged, so it is recommended that you find the original manufacturer or a repair shop to replace it with a new one. You can come to XINRUIMING to get the batteries.

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5. Do not use poor protective cases

When buying a protective case for your phone, try to choose a manufacturer with a guarantee that the case/cover designed by them will take into account the heat dissipation problem.

6. Avoid hot environment

If you are used to keeping your phone in your pocket or in your car, due to the influence of the external environment and the heat transfer that occurs when you put it in your pocket, you should be careful not to put your phone in your car in summer, as the high temperature will cause the phone battery to burn and explode, causing safety accidents.

7. Close background apps

On Android phones, some apps are resident in the background and consume a lot of memory. It is advisable to check in the apps and consider uninstalling them if you find that they consume a lot of memory.
It is even advisable to close all background apps on both iOS and Android before running power-hungry games. This will prevent the phone from running out of memory or being used up, and will also prevent the phone from burning up too quickly.

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