What should I do if my iPhone battery is getting used?

Time: 2019-04-03 Reads: 1026 Edit: Admin
May be the reason for setting, pay attention to the following points when using:
Power saving method
1. Close the “Set Time Zone” Method: Open Settings → Location Services → System Services → Set Time Zone, and click Close. Once the time zone function is turned off, battery life can be increased by up to 40%.
2. Turn off the automatic setting time. The method is: turn on Settings → General → Date and Time, and turn off the automatic setting. Otherwise, the mobile terminal will always search for the current location and then automatically adjust the time according to the location.
3, close the system service Method is: Open Settings → Privacy → Location Services → System Services (at the bottom), except for the last compass calibration, all the other are turned off, because there is nothing practical. If it is not turned off, the mobile phone GPS will always send and receive data, which is very power-hungry.
4, close all location services Method: Open the Settings → Location Service in turn, close the location location service that does not often use the application. Turn off location-based services like "Find Friends," "Find My iPhone," and more.
5, the phone is set to ring mode. The method is: turn on the settings → sound, turn off the vibration. Some users think that setting the phone to vibration mode saves power. The fact is that the vibration mode consumes more battery power. Therefore, setting the phone to ringtone mode is more energy efficient.
6. The brightness is set to medium or low, non-automatic. The method is: turn on the setting → brightness, turn off the automatic brightness adjustment. Setting the brightness of the iPhone 4S to automatic brightness adjustment means that in a dim environment, the screen will automatically light up, which will cause the battery to accelerate.
7. Close the notification Method: Open Settings → Notifications in turn to close the application notification push that is not commonly used. For iPhone 4S or iOS 5 users, notifications are a very convenient feature, but it also brings a lot of battery drain. Turning off all notifications, or at least turning off notifications for less-used apps, will save a lot of battery power.
8. Close the iCloud method: Open Settings → iCloud → Documents and Data in turn to turn off the document and data functions. Turning off iCloud means giving up the latest sync features from iOS 5, but it will save a lot of power.
9. Close the diagnosis and usage report. The method is: Open Settings → General → About this machine → Diagnostics and dosage, and select “Do not send” diagnosis and dosage. If you choose "Automatically send", it will automatically record the system problems that occur during the use of the phone, and then automatically send it to the Apple server. This is also a power culprits, it is recommended to close. Turning on diagnostics and reporting will result in a lot of battery drain.
10. Disable Bluetooth Method: Open Settings → General → Bluetooth and turn off Bluetooth. Similar to the vibration and brightness functions, don‘t think that turning on the Bluetooth setting will not affect the battery power too much, but it is not.