The reason why the battery health of iphone12pro max declines rapidly

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Recently, many consumers have said that the battery health of the iphone 12pro max is declining very fast, and the battery health of the iphone 12pro max has already begun to decline not long after the purchase. Why is the battery health declining so fast?
How to check the battery health of iphone12pro max
1. On the desktop of the iPhone, find the settings option and enter the settings.
2. Enter the settings interface, we can pull down the screen to see the battery options.
3. In the battery interface, we can see the battery health options, the battery health option can be
iphone12pro max battery health check
4. Then in the battery health interface, we only need to look at the maximum capacity. If the maximum capacity of the battery is lower than 70%, the battery is in an unhealthy state.
The reason why the battery health of iphone12pro max declines rapidly
1. Use the phone while charging.
How to keep the battery healthy, first of all, playing the mobile phone while charging will greatly affect the battery health. If the basic operations such as swiping Weibo, WeChat chat, etc., will not have a great impact, but if the iPhone is charging, playing games, watching TV, etc. will easily cause battery damage. Large loss, long-term, battery health decline is inevitable.
Because the mobile phone will heat up to a certain extent during the charging process, if these high-performance operations are performed, the burden on the battery and the charger will be further increased.
Heavy, the battery health will naturally be too depleted.
2. The battery is less than 20% charged
When many people use the iPhone, they think that it is better to recharge the phone when the phone is about to run out, but such usage is not conducive to the health of the battery.
Because keeping the battery in an active state for a long time is more conducive to increasing the battery health, it is recommended that the iPhone is charged at about 20% power until the battery is fully charged to 100%.
3. Use non-original charging head
In this era of rapid development, mobile phone charging is of course fast, especially domestic Huawei mobile phones will achieve 66W fast charging. And iPhone fast charging is very expensive, and not everyone can buy it in terms of price, so some fruit fans choose non-original charging heads. However, using non-original charging heads and data cables to charge is very depleted of battery health.
Therefore, it is recommended that you use the original charging head and data cable. If you have purchased an iPad, you can use the charging head of the iPad. Relatively speaking, the charging speed of the iPad charging device is faster and the loss of the battery is also small.
iphone12pro max battery health
4. Download and install the power saving software
Some iPhone users download power-saving software from the App Store or third parties in order to make the iPhone more power-efficient. The power-saving software will always run in the background of the iPhone during use, which will not bring better power-saving effect, nor will it protect the battery health.
It is recommended to set some power consumption functions of the iPhone to protect the battery health to a certain extent and save the power of the iPhone.
5. Use iPhone for a long time in high temperature or low temperature environment
If the weather is very hot, you will find it very hot. If you play games for too long, you will also find that the phone is hot and hot, and even a prompt to stop using your iPhone will pop up.
At this time, it is recommended to remove the mobile phone case, especially the mobile phone case with poor heat dissipation effect, stop playing with the mobile phone, and then place the mobile phone in a normal temperature environment until the temperature of the mobile phone returns to normal. In addition to high temperature will affect the health of iPhone battery, low temperature environment will also.
6, the phone is fully charged
Although mobile phones are generally equipped with a battery management system, when the power is fully charged, the current will be automatically reduced, delaying the speed of battery charging. But the loss still exists, although the loss is relatively small, it will add up for a long time.
7. Mobile phone data problems
This year‘s iPhone 12 Pro Max battery has a problem with the underlying data, not the battery.
Apple‘s data is wrong, resulting in a rapid drop in health, the actual battery capacity still has a lot, the battery life has no effect, and it is durable.
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