The battery capacity of an Apple mobile phone is not large, but it does not develop a high-capacity battery. Why?

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First, the iPhone‘s slim design needs. Since the iPhone 6 generation, Apple has been designing products that are extremely thin and light. Even at the earliest release, many consumers often criticized in their pockets, and the iPhone was cracked when they bent over!However, Apple still insists This design. Therefore, the extremely thin and light body will inevitably bring the internal space to be compact, so the large-capacity battery is obviously not installed. For this reason, Apple specially designed the L-type battery module, but even so, in the large size of the Plus, the battery capacity It is only around 2700mAh, while the average iPhone battery is kept at 1700mAh.


Design is the first element of the iPhone. The chief designer of the iPhone once said that for Apple, design is the first factor to consider, and secondly the user experience. Compared to everyone‘s knowledge, the iPhone has always been pursuing a slim body design, and if you want to put a large-capacity battery in the space inside the iPhone body, then the current technology can only Increasing the thickness of the phone, but doing so is obviously against their design philosophy, so they are.


Second, cost control. In the industry, many people think that Apple‘s success is inseparable from Steve Jobs, and it is also inseparable from Tim Cook. If Steve Jobs is an extreme designist, he created a perfect product like the iPhone, and Cook is a very smart seller, helping Jobs sell his products and make Apple a big profit. Cook‘s savvy is not only the marketing proficiency of the global market, but also his perfect control of product costs. Even though the iPhone sells for six or seven thousand dollars, it still saves money, including batteries. The iPhone‘s battery is not the best in the industry. Compared with some domestic flagships and Samsung flagships, the gap is huge. Otherwise, there will not be so many fruit powders in the winter. The iPhone will automatically shut down and not charge.


It is well known that if you want to increase the capacity of the battery, it means higher production costs, and if you develop the battery, then the investment is very large, and Apple itself is a mobile phone manufacturer. For the battery is not a strong point, their batteries are also purchased. If you want to develop related technologies yourself, you must cooperate with other battery manufacturers. Moreover, we all know that battery technology has not improved for 20 years now, mainly because of this. The technology has encountered bottlenecks, and this is not something that Apple can solve. In the end, the most likely scenario is that Apple has invested billions or even tens of billions of dollars in research and development, but there is nothing to gain.


Therefore, they are not likely to spend time and money on battery research and development, and there are special laboratories in the battery research and development, and Apple only needs to wait for others to research and commercialize. That‘s it, after all, Apple still puts all the experience in design. On the other hand, it has to be said that even if the battery capacity of the iPhone is doubled, it is only a change from one day to two, and there is no essential change. It is said that there has not been much improvement. Therefore, for the research and development of related technologies, Apple was not thankful at that time, naturally it is not necessary.


Third, the imperfection of the battery is compensated by the system. This is especially important. If there is no perfect performance of the iOS ecosystem, even if the iPhone has a good reputation, if the battery has a problem, it will be like a Samsung. However, thanks to the smooth and stable iOS system and closed power saving, even if the iPhone uses a battery capacity of one or two thousand mAh, it will not fall behind the Android phone too much in terms of battery life, and sometimes it will surpass it. Apple has absolute confidence that they can optimize the battery life by combining system optimization with low-power hardware. For the user, the blind stacking parameters are just gimmicks, the surface kung fu is perfect, the actual experience is as bad as the dog will not be seen, the iPhone‘s battery performance is barely acceptable to the public, so it is not too accounting for battery parameters. It is.


Fourth, the existing battery technology is almost enough. Although there are quite a few iPhone users complaining that the power of the mobile phone is not enough, it is basically one or two times a day, and it will not cause much trouble, because now it is basically where you can go in life. They can all be charged, and there is still the existence of a charging treasure, so it is still possible. On the other hand, there is no data to show that when the iPhone‘s battery capacity grows, how many consumers will devote themselves from Android to iOS, so why should Apple ask for it?