Mobile phone tips: iPhone tips, which one are you most used?

Time: 2019-05-09 Reads: 2846 Edit: Admin

1. For today‘s iPhone users, our daily life is almost inseparable from this small smart device. But even though we use the iPhone every day, the device can still give us some small surprises from time to time, because there are still many features in the device that we don‘t usually use or are not familiar to consumers.

2. Synchronize incoming calls: Solve the problem that the mobile phone has forgotten. When the phone calls or comes to the information, on the ipad or Mac, enter the Facetime by setting, open the "call from iphone" button

3. Clever use of Siri. You don‘t have to press the Home button every time to activate Siri, because if your iPhone is charging, users can activate this feature by shouting "Hey, Siri" on the phone. Of course, you first need to activate this feature in Settings - General - Siri.

4.3. Attenuate the dynamic effect Attenuating the dynamic effect can save power, but it can also bring you a different operating experience, you can obviously feel the fluency of the interface switching is not the same.