iPhone XS Max battery health display repair?

Time: 2022-03-31 Reads: 3808 Edit: Admin
Recently, some users found that the word "Repair" appeared on the iPhone battery health, and the "Battery Health" function could not be used normally, and it would prompt "Cannot verify that this iPhone battery is a genuine Apple battery. The health information of this battery is not available." And " Maximum capacity" is not displayed.
iPhone XS Max battery health display repair?
This happens because Apple earlier added a restriction to the iOS 12 and iOS 13 systems, as long as the battery of the iPhone XR, iPhone XS/XS Max has been replaced by a third party or by itself, regardless of whether the battery is For Apple original, will cause the "Battery Health" function can not be used normally.
The only way to solve this problem is to go to an official Apple authorized after-sales service point to replace the battery.
If this problem occurs on an iPhone purchased through an unofficial website, it means that the iPhone has been disassembled.
Because Apple‘s official website adds a microcontroller chip to the battery hardware, it identifies the battery parameters and serial numbers, and has a "switch mark". Before the iPhone leaves the factory, the body will be matched with the battery once, but once the battery is replaced by a third party, the switch flag will be triggered, and the iPhone will be disabled. "Battery Health" function.
If the battery is replaced through the official after-sales service, the official maintenance personnel should refresh the "switch source code" of the iPhone for the user, and there will be no problem that the battery health function cannot be used.