iPhone battery life is too short? Teach you 3 strokes to fight for another two years!

Time: 2019-04-23 Reads: 2809 Edit: Admin

The development of science and technology has made our life more convenient. Today‘s people almost have a mobile phone. The popularity of mobile phones has enabled more people to enjoy the power of technology. Nowadays, the mobile phone industry is divided into two camps. One is the Android machine and the other is the Mac. Among them, the Apple mobile phone is famous all over the world. Both the shape and the system are unique, which attracts many people‘s purchase and attention. But its problem is also obvious, that is, battery life is too short!


iPhone users know that mobile phone battery is its weakness. Generally speaking, iPhone can be used for 5 or 6 years, but mobile phone battery is generally changed in about 3 years, otherwise it will often be stuck, and That is, the power is far from enough. Although the battery can still be used for the replacement of the battery, but the cost of changing the battery can not be low, many users for an old iPhone to change the price of a new battery, it will not feel worthwhile, so today Huarigor will teach you 3 strokes. You can let your phone fight for another two years.

 First, turn off the information transfer function. This small function has not been used by many users, and it does not know what its actual role is. In fact, its role is to connect the Apple phone to the same Internet and ID account. Simply put, when you edit an article on the phone, you can edit it together on another software. So we don‘t usually use it very much. If there is no need, friends can choose to turn off, which can save power.


Second, turn off the location service. I believe everyone has heard the word "location". This feature is used in both Android phones and Apple phones. It is mainly to help the mobile phone to locate and accurately transmit information. In fact, in addition to using maps, point take-outs, calling the network to the car, the location, it will not be used at other times, so we usually can close in time if not used to reduce the consumption of batteries.


Third, turn off Bluetooth, WIFI, background application refresh function, Bluetooth and WiFi are not much to say, I believe that many senior "fruit powder" will be this little trick, but the background application refresh is not known to many people, the so-called background, when When you open this setting, it will automatically push information and advertisements to you in the background. It is not only very annoying. If you keep turning it on, it will inevitably cause loss to the battery.


The above three skills are the methods to teach you today. There is only one principle that is adhered to, that is, "you don‘t have to use it!" Adhere to energy saving and save electricity, so that not only environmental protection but also the mobile phone battery for another two years is no problem!