Increased battery capacity! Introduced a new iPhone model

Time: 2019-04-03 Reads: 985 Edit: Admin
After hitting a plateau in innovation, apple is learning from huawei and samsung, at least with this new feature.
Now, apple‘s ming-chi Kuo has revealed that apple‘s next iPhone will have a bigger battery to allow the iPhone to effectively double as a wireless charger.
Specifically, the upgraded iPhone XS could see a 20 to 25 percent increase in battery capacity.
The upgraded iPhone XS Max is expected to have 10 to 15 percent more battery capacity than the current model.
Ming - Chi, Kuo said the increase of the battery capacity will enable the next generation of apple iPhone to support two-way charge, this will enable to other compatible devices wirelessly.
It‘s also not the first time apple has been reported to be likely to charge iphones bilaterally this year.
Ming-chi Kuo also mentioned the feature in a February note to investors.
Japanese blog Mac Otakara reports that apple‘s 2019 iPhone will come with reverse wireless charging in March.