How to do iphone battery health display repair? Need to change the battery?

Time: 2019-04-11 Reads: 2680 Edit: Admin

Iphone‘s battery door event is still fresh in memory. Apple‘s battery replacement program only lasts until the end of 2018, so all our fruit powders need to pay attention to their battery health. Once they are below 80%, they will quickly go to the battery for free. On August 1, iOS12 Public beta4 (public beta) was officially launched. The new version, in addition to fixing some of the bugs in the previous version, also made a variety of optimizations for the system. The measured iPad Air with the iPhone 5s and the A7 processor has been updated a lot after the iOS12 Public beta4. Although not as smooth as iOS8, it is much better than the system after iOS9. Of course, this is not the point. In the latest beta, the battery health feature has finally ushered in the official version. This also means that battery health features have improved battery detection and peak performance management capabilities.


iOS12 battery health display repair is going on, but after many people have finished updating, check the battery health in the battery health function, it will display "repair" (normal will not show anything). What‘s going on? Under normal circumstances, the use of non-original batteries, the system can detect, and then prompted to "maintenance", the implication is to replace the official battery. In fact, a similar situation has appeared before, but at that time the battery health is still a beta version, can not accurately identify the third-party battery, so at that time some people also reported the use of non-original battery but did not prompt repair.


If the battery of the mobile phone does not have the problem of being unable to charge and consume too much power, then you do not need to replace the battery and you can continue to use it. However, if the maximum capacity and peak performance of the battery are not detected, it means that the battery may have a frequency reduction. Anyway, the old model now only needs 218 yuan to replace the official battery. It is not much worse than the third-party battery. Don‘t be lazy. It takes more time to change the battery than to change the phone.