How to choose an IPHONE battery replacement battery, how to maintain it

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It is well known that the peak capacitance of IPHONE series batteries is generally very small, about 2000 mAh, even for the plus series, it will never exceed 3,000 mAh. Compared with Android phones, the battery capacity is indeed a bit small. But with the Android phone life, IPHONE is indeed better.


Once the old version of the IPHONE battery is aging, the battery capacity is reduced to a certain extent. Users can‘t stand the problem of charging a few times a day. You need to go out with a charging treasure or go to a franchise store to replace the battery. However, it takes about 700 yuan to go to the franchise store to replace the mobile phone battery. If the battery is replaced after the official sale, the average price of all IPHONE series is about 79 US dollars (about 500 yuan).


Of course, users with strong hands-on ability will choose to replace the battery themselves in order to save costs. If the user chooses to replace the battery, he or she will have to bear certain risks. If he accidentally, the phone will be damaged. But the cost only needs about 200, which will save a lot of money. If you change it strictly according to the online tutorial, it is not as difficult as you think, and the cost will indeed be much reduced.


For those who need to replace the IPHONE battery by themselves, the choice of battery is a big problem. For example, the brand and evaluation of the battery. The most important thing is the endurance, and for the battery‘s better endurance, the user will choose a large capacity battery. Personally think that the battery is still the original disassemble battery is better, but the market original disassemble battery can not be met, want to find a real original disassemble battery is to look at luck. Here to tell you about the so-called original teardown battery, is the same IPHONE phone, the use time is not long, but can not be used, and the battery is intact. This is the so-called original teardown battery.


After the battery is selected, the battery is replaced. Try to watch the tutorial videos on the web before you start! In addition, you need to prepare the tool set in advance. If you buy the battery on the Internet, you will usually send a simple tool kit.


If you don‘t have confidence in your ability to do it yourself, or if you want to help the official to replace the free battery after the sale, IPHONE‘s official after-sales service will be replaced free of charge under these conditions: your IPHONE phone is under warranty, or has already bought IPHONECare+ service, and If you need IPHONE to think that your battery has a problem, it will be replaced for free, but this problem is very recognized. So if your IPHONE battery is not enough, and you want to change the battery, you need to save yourself!

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