How much does the Apple mobile phone change?

Time: 2019-04-11 Reads: 1023 Edit: Admin
In terms of Apple battery replacement and repair, the unified price of all iPhone replacement batteries after the insurance is US$79 (about RMB 485). And like replacing the display, the user will have to pay $6.95 for shipping if he replaces the battery. However, Apple also said that the new machine‘s one-year limited warranty covers battery defect repairs, and equipment under warranty or AppleCare will receive free repair service.

Many friends change the iPhone every year, and battery consumption is one of the main factors. How do you get the iPhone battery in your hands? Is there any way to make the battery more durable? The following 4 strokes hope to help everyone.
1, install the software to check the battery status
Install some software that can detect the battery. For example, Battery Life is a free software for the iOS platform that allows users to clearly understand the battery‘s wear and tear, and provides a detailed battery status, allowing users to decide to change batteries or directly change phones. Before introducing a method to effectively extend battery life, it is better to check the loss of your mobile phone battery.
2, avoid using fast charging
Using the iPad or some chargers that offer a 2.1A output can charge the iPhone faster, but it also increases the battery temperature. Any type of fast charging technology will increase the temperature of the battery, which is one of the reasons for battery drain. So if you don‘t need it, you can still use the normal charging speed, which will make the mobile phone battery more durable than using fast charging.
3, try to keep the battery between 40% and 80%
Old-style nickel-metal hydride batteries have a memory effect, and each time they need to drain the battery and then fill it up to extend the battery life, but the current lithium battery is the opposite. Exhausting the battery and recharging will increase the battery consumption. Therefore, everyone should avoid keeping the iPhone 100% fully charged for a long time. Because it continues to charge after full power, the phone will repeatedly release a small amount of battery and recharge, so that the battery will be charged for a long time, thus losing the battery. Keep your phone‘s battery between 40% and 80% to make the battery more durable.
4, avoid charging while using the phone
Although everyone is used to making a phone call while charging, in fact, this will increase the battery temperature and deplete the battery capacity. In addition, everyone can remove the phone case when charging, which can also reduce the loss of high heat on the battery.