Huarigor excellent salesman commendation meeting in December 2018

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Excellent salesman commendation meeting in December 2018


In order to encourage and thank the excellent salesmen to achieve excellent work performance and hard work in December 2018, the December Excellent Staff Commendation Conference was held in the multimedia conference hall on the fourth floor of the company headquarters. Xin Ruiming Headquarters Operations Director, relevant senior management personnel and all employees of Shenzhen Headquarters attended the commendation meeting.


At the commendation meeting, first of all, Director Liu Zong delivered a speech. He concluded that all the salesmen worked together in the mid-December, aggressively, and diligently, and promoted the development of performance. Good results have been achieved in all market sectors. At the same time, the company also emerged a group of outstanding employees with outstanding performance, which was highly recognized by the company. In the future, we will continue to make great achievements with a more full-fledged spirit, unity and confidence.


The December Sales Champion Award, Pioneer Pioneer Award, Million Hero Award, Progress Star Award, Outstanding Team Award, Best Newcomer Award, Brand Pioneer Award and other awards were awarded. The total number of commendations is up to 15 people. Mr. Liu has issued certificates and bonuses for outstanding personnel to encourage them.


At this point, the excellent business commendation conference in December ended perfectly. We are very grateful to Mr. Xu for providing such a good platform for everyone. Thanks to Mr. Liu for his hard work and thanks to all the sales elites for their achievements and thanks to all the colleagues of the company. 2019, we are thankful and continue to move forward.