CES Exhibition,Huarigor apple battery see you next year

Time: 2019-01-16 Reads: 628 Edit: Admin

Our company participated in the CES exhibition in the United States in January this year. It is well known that CES is the world‘s largest and most influential consumer electronics exhibition. We are also the only exhibitor in the pavilion that only sells Apple batteries, so we have attracted many customers to stop.


The overall situation of this year‘s exhibition is better than last year. The number of customers who come to our booth is much more than in previous years, and most of them are target customers. There are many wholesalers, repairers, and individual customers who can make customized batteries. The customers are very surprised, because very few companies will only do Apple batteries, and more customers will directly test the samples on the spot, very satisfied with the test results.


One of the customers, directly accounted for all the samples we took to the exhibition to help him keep, notify him before the end of the show, to buy all the samples all at once. On the last day, the customer came over as scheduled and bought all our batteries.


Although the trade war and the overall market situation are not particularly optimistic, our company‘s exhibition at CES and the company‘s overall Apple battery sales situation is still relatively optimistic, one of the main reasons is that our battery quality is excellent.