Teach You 6 Ways To Save Power: Improve Your IPhone Battery Life

Time: 2021-01-14 Reads: 1245 Edit: Admin

The iPhone battery is not durable, this is the most common sentence Apple complains about. Do you also think that the battery life of the iPhone is poor, the battery is aging too fast, and even after upgrading the latest system, it feels that the battery is used up all at once. In fact, there are skills in the use of iPhone. Today, the Iphone Battery Factories will teach you 6 ways to show you how to save electricity.

Which apps consume the most power

First, go to your iPhone background to check to see the power consumption rankings. Everyone‘s daily software usage frequency is different. You can check your own daily usage habits through the background query, and reduce the frequency of using software with serious power consumption. Open "Settings", click "Battery", you can see the most power-consuming software. With a little control, your battery life will be improved.

Turn on dark mode at night, turn off automatic adjustment of screen brightness

The screen is the most power-hungry component. Nowadays, mobile phones have begun to use OLED panels, and the reason why the iPhone has not dared to use the 120Hz screen refresh rate is because it consumes too much power. So you need to turn off the automatic brightness of the screen, and then turn on the dark mode, the power consumption of the screen will be reduced at this time. For the setting method, open "Settings" and select "Accessibility"-"Display text size"-"Automatic brightness adjustment".

Turn off positioning

Remember, when the iPhone starts a certain software, it will prompt you to turn on the location function. This function does not need to be on all the time, just turn on the positioning when opening the software. There are also location services, which are related to your privacy, so you also need to turn off.

Set software background refresh

In daily use, a certain software is opened and then closed. In fact, the background is automatically updated, which is the background app refresh service. So we also need to turn off some applications of this function through settings, just select a few key applications, which is what you usually like the most. This can also improve battery life and save power. You can also automatically refresh the background applications when you select only WIFI. Generally set frequently used, infrequently used, and unnecessary applications for background refresh adjustment. Open "Settings", click "General", and enter "Background App Refresh".

Turn on low battery mode

When the IPhone Battery level of your mobile phone is lower than 30%, and no power bank can be found at this time, you can turn on the low battery mode at this time. Turn on "Low Battery Mode" in the system "Battery". At this time, iPhone will stop automatic downloading, iCloud photos, and 5G network search. This can greatly improve the battery life of the remaining battery. This function needs to be turned on before the battery warning line prompts, otherwise it is easy to have insufficient battery life.

The last big move

If your battery is less than 20%, a low battery warning line appears, and the low battery mode is already on. At this time, turn off the flow, WIFI, Bluetooth and other functions. If it is really out of power, turn on the airplane mode, which can still maintain basic power usage.

Summary: These 6 tricks are power saving techniques from 100% to close to 0%, which can greatly improve battery life. However, if your power consumption is abnormally fast, you need to check the battery health. If the battery health is below 80% at this time, you need to change the battery. If necessary, please feel free to contact the Phone Battery Wholesalers