Samsung Mobile Phone Battery Calibration Method, Double The Standby Time!

Time: 2020-12-29 Reads: 1389 Edit: Admin
First explain why you need to calibrate the Smartphone Battery. Although the lithium battery has no memory effect, it is easy to charge and discharge incorrectly, such as: using a mobile power bank, using a computer USB to charge a mobile phone, using a third-party charger that does not match the voltage and current strength, and recharging when the battery is exhausted. The most obvious change in the working conditions of the battery is the virtual battery power, that is, the battery power displayed by the mobile phone is inconsistent with the actual battery capacity. For example, the mobile phone displays 100% power, but the actual battery is not fully charged and cannot continue to be charged. .
How to perform a physical examination for Galaxy Ace Battery and extend the battery life after calibration? Samsung mobile phones actually have this function: run the USSD code and activate the MMI code, which is commonly used in the mobile phone, to enter the secondary engineering mode to view and calibrate the battery condition.

Step 1: Enter the dial interface, press *#0228# in turn
Step 2: Press the bottom quick start, the phone screen will automatically turn off, turn on the screen, repeat the above operation again, usually about three times, you will find that the battery display drops sharply, this is the empty battery empty, the battery capacity is released .
Note: The above operation is recommended to operate when the rechargeable battery is fully charged. After the Rechargable Batteries is fully charged, unplug the charger, perform the release operation, then exit the interface, fully charge, and cycle the foregoing operations again until the power is constant at 100%, which completes the battery calibration process . This operation is recommended to be performed once every two months without frequent operations.