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Iphone 6/6plus battery maintenance
With the iphone‘s all-in-one design, all iphone models are designed with a non-removable battery, which, as you know, is a devastating blow to the phone.Battery maintenance is important for the average iPhone 6/6plus user.The battery of iPhone 6/6 plus is made of polymer lithium battery. The maintenance method of iPhone 6/6 plus is same and different from that of ordinary mobile phone battery. So today we will talk about how to maintain the battery of our mobile phone in detail.
1. The battery of iPhone 6/Plus USES lithium polymer battery, which has no memory effect. Therefore, it is absolutely unnecessary to charge and discharge thoroughly (i.e. you can charge it at any time if you want to).
The charge of a lithium battery decreases a bit after each charging and discharging cycle, and decreases to 80% after about 400 charging and discharging cycles.The so-called one-time charge and discharge cycle refers to completely full and luminous, that is, if you use 20% of the electricity to fill, it will be repeated 5 times before the cycle is counted.As long as apple‘s official power supply is used, it will be filled to direct power mode. There is no problem of over-charging the iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus.The process of charging lithium batteries is that the first 80% is charged by quick charging for 2 hours, while the second 20% is charged by continuous charging for 2 hours.
So to sum up, the battery maintenance of iPhone 6/Plus battery is very simple. Except for the following energy-saving precautions, you only need to calibrate once a month and try to use the power connection (such as in the office).What is meant to prevent overcharging, to be always full (or not always full) should be a misunderstanding.
2. After each charging and discharging cycle, the charge of lithium battery will be reduced a little, and after about 400 charging and discharging cycles, it will be reduced to 80%.The so-called one-time charge and discharge cycle refers to completely full and luminous, that is, if you use 20% of the electricity to fill, it will be repeated 5 times before the cycle is counted.
3. Since there is a chip in the battery to calculate the power, in order to calibrate it, the full iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus should be re-discharged once a month (that is, the battery is fully charged until the battery is dead).
4. As long as apple‘s official power supply is used, it will become direct power mode after being filled. There is no overcharge problem.
5. The charging process of lithium battery is completed by charging the first 80% of the battery with quick charging for 2 hours and the second 20% with continuous charging for 2 hours.It‘s normal. You don‘t have to do anything special.
6. Use the iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus power-saving software and battery maintenance software as little as possible. They are just the charging state of the system, and will not have any maintenance effect on the battery.
This software I take him as a stunt, because its propaganda effect is greater than the actual effect, the individual also bought bettery doctor (call battery doctor in China, also ranked high charge software) and used, found that the teach you complete charging software not only meaning is very small and damage the battery, he will keep checking your current capacity, produce unnecessary losses, and even cell phone fever
7, iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus don‘t work in high or low temperatures for long
In this case, if the electronics are aging, lithium ion deactivation is a small thing, in case the battery explodes or something.
8. Correct charging method: use it as you like, but don‘t overcharge it
This is the best way to keep cell activity, the experiment proved that under a higher working voltage (note, not too much), the longer life of lithium-ion batteries, a mild form of the charge and discharge will achieve the best effect, try not to start charging when the battery is low and then start charging more don‘t have automatic shutdown after apple battery cycles is 500 (= 100% of the charge and discharge cycles, and full of use from 100% 0% to 100%, for example, to refill and from 60% to 40% to 60% only 1/5 cycle, of course, this is average,It doesn‘t mean that you can flush up to 500 times after running out of battery and still get 80% higher than before.) it‘s almost guaranteed to be perfect for 2 years, and it fits well with the contract period set by apple and the carrier.
These may not be well understood, usually use just remember this method, along with a charge, don‘t wait for low battery alarm again, let the iPhone 6 / Plus phone batteries always maintain a healthy state, note that these methods and the traditional nickel cadmium nickel-metal hydride batteries have a very big difference, do not use for many years the old methods to treat the lithium battery.
9. Try not to use non-original charger or charging head
An unsteady current can greatly damage the life of electronic components, especially some homemade cheap charger, lack of effective control circuit charger is very harmful!
10, the iPhone 6 / iPhone Plus the battery, charger will stop the power supply, in any case you are using the iPhone 6 / Plus can‘t by the charger power supply mobile phone batteries, so even if full of show small plug, do not pull out the charger iPhone 6 / Plus phone battery or in the use of electric batteries, use only the charger automatically start charging again for a while, the iPhone 6 / Plus mobile phone battery is not to use notebook external power supply.
11. Try not to use the charger all the time after the iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus is fully charged. If you use the charger for a long time, it will cause frequent discharging and charging for 2 miles.
12. It is safe to use any USB port of the computer to charge the battery of iPhone 6/Plus mobile phone without damaging the battery. It is just a little slow to charge.
13. It is not a problem to connect the iPhone 6/Plus battery to the usb port of the computer frequently, but it is recommended not to continue for a long time, for example, it is not recommended to plug it for half a day at a time, and it will be charged and discharged.
Don‘t play with the iPhone 6/Plus when the battery is charged. Whether it is on the usb port or connected to the charger, try not to play with the phone. It will cause the battery to overheat and damage the battery.
15. Deep charge and discharge once a month. Remember that the battery is not automatically shut down and recharged after running out.
16, the iPhone 6/Plus phone battery 6 is properly powered off and charged
IPhone 6/Plus phone battery power off charging steps:
(1) connect the data cable first and turn on the electricity
(2) : press the "turn off" button while charging the phone
The phone can be charged as it is turned off.
This method works for all apple mobile devices.Including the device.But it‘s worth noting.Only the iPhone 6/Plus phone battery 4 4s ipad2 ipadmini supports power off charging display.There is no display when the device is powered off after the iPhone 6/Plus battery 5 and the ipad4.So users can‘t see the power of the power off.But the phone is charging.
Reminder: power off can be done though.But it will affect the alarm the next day.So users who set their phones‘ alarms need to pay attention.
Battery saving methods for iphone 6/6plus:
Turn off iPhone6/iPhone6Plus background application refresh enter setting > universal > background application refresh, note: after iOS8 background application refreshes automatically, the system will refresh background content or use location service when wi-fi or cellular network is opened.Very power consumption, strongly recommended to close.
2, close the iPhone6 / iPhone6PlusAirDrop open control AirDrop icon > > click disable description: iOS7 of AirDrop function can share pictures, video, and the nearby friends, but when you don‘t have the best to close it, otherwise it would have been near search compatible device, which can lead to electricity.
3. Activate iPhone6/iPhone6Plus to reduce dynamic effect setting > universal > auxiliary function > to reduce dynamic effect to turn it onBut it could also affect battery life, which can be quite scary.
4. Turn off the iPhone6/iPhone6Plus email push to access the set > mail, address book and calendar > to obtain new data. Turn off the push and select the following access item manually.
Turn off the iPhone6/iPhone6Plus automatic brightness adjustment and set the screen brightness appropriately
Set the > wallpaper and brightness description: turn off the automatic brightness adjustment function, and the screen brightness can be adjusted repeatedly according to the current ambient brightness, so as to save power. Of course, a reasonable manual setting of your screen brightness is the key to save power.6. Turn off unnecessary app push Settings from iPhone6/iPhone6Plus notification center
Only the push of the mail is set here, and the rest of the apps are off, so you can set it up for yourself.
7. Turn off the iPhone6/iPhone6Plus location service and properly set the location service
Set the > privacy > location service description: location services are definitely power-hungry, so you should make sure you turn them off when you don‘t use them.When you turn on a location-based service, you should also turn off apps that you don‘t need to locate.
8. Turn off the location service setting > privacy > for the function of iPhone6/iPhone6Plus, open the location service > and pull to the bottom > system service
Note: system function positioning service is also not to be underestimated power consumption, can be closed according to personal habits.
Turn off the iPhone6/iPhone6Plus running apps in the background double click on the Home button > and swipe up on the app preview icon to close unwanted apps
Note :iOS7 has a new background multitasking feature and a preview is very convenient, and it‘s easier to close the background app.When your system is running many applications at the same time, you can imagine the power consumption if you don‘t turn off some applications that you don‘t need temporarily.
Turn off iPhone6/iPhone6PlusSiri set > universal >Siri
Turn off bluetooth bottom upward swiping action exhale control center > turn off bluetooth instructions: turn off bluetooth when you don‘t need it.
Shut off iPhone6/ iphone 6pluswi-fi and cellular mobile network Settings > wi-fi setting > cellular mobile network