Five Common Battery Problems to Deal With

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FIRST, Automatic shutdown

1. Determine whether the phone gets problems
Download itools to determine the battery parameters, test whether the actual capacity of data (abnormal for 100 design capacity of 0), and whether the battery temperature exceeds 56 ℃.        
Treatment: If the battery shows abnormal, check whether the battery interface is in good contact with the phone; after reinstallation, it still shows abnormal, proving that the battery is bad and can be given a replacement battery.
2. Cracks in the line, resulting in power supply lines do not work
Treatment: choose to return the battery repair, replace the line. If the protection board chip is damaged by high current breakdown, then replace the protection board.

Second. Do not turn on

Embodied state: repeatedly reboot after plugging in the power, not often press the key does not respond.
1. The phone is not charged for a long time without power, resulting in the battery voltage below 3.4V
Treatment: re-charge and activate
2. Battery protection board IC soldering (resulting in abnormal battery voltage output)
Treatment: return the battery repair
3. Defective soldering, broken wires or broken connectors, soldering
Treatment: Return the battery for repair
4. Battery connector and cell phone interface poor contact
Treatment: Reinstall the battery to ensure that the battery is in good contact with the phone.

THIRD. Abnormal power display

1. As the battery charger charging will produce pressure difference, the power will change in a moment, there will be about 3% of power jump
Treatment: Stable after the momentary jump
2. Poor connector contact
Treatment: Reinstall the battery to ensure that the battery is in good contact with the phone
3. Connector soldering, damage
Treatment: Return the battery and replace the cable
4. Battery power data appears abnormal
Treatment: link itools to view the battery parameters, use the tool to test whether the battery is abnormal.

FORTH. Heat and hot

Cell phones in the case of charging or long time high-power discharge, will generate more heat than regular use, generally ≤ 55 ℃. If the real battery causes the temperature higher than 55 ℃, it will lead to Iphone alarm can not be turned on.
1. The battery is extruded by external forces, punctured, etc., causing the internal positive and negative micro-short circuit of the battery, often long time charging and discharging, resulting in short-circuit heating
Treatment: Buy a new battery and replace it
2. The phone is running too many programs with a large amount of power, resulting in the battery discharging too quickly
Treatment: close all programs on the phone set aside to reboot the test
3. The phone circuit board itself exists since the power consumption is too fast, resulting in the phone heat
Treatment: Use ITOOLS test to see if the battery temperature is abnormal, the battery is normal, indicating that there are problems with the phone, need to repair
4. The cell originally exists inside the micro-short circuit, after a long time use, short-circuit heating
Treatment: the battery surface without extrusion, impact and other external traces, the battery heating more than 55 ℃, you can give the replacement battery

FIFTH. Leakage bulge

According to the after-sales statistics, the problem of liquid leakage up all for external damage
1. The battery is extruded by external forces, impact, etc., resulting in a short internal short circuit, thus appearing leakage bulge
Treatment: Buy a new battery replacement
2. The battery is punctured by external forces, puncture, direct leakage of liquid
Treatment: Buy a new battery to replace
3. The battery is not well insulated, so that the positive and negative electrodes of the cell and the metal case short-circuit, resulting in damage to the electrode lug, so that the leakage of liquid expansion
Treatment: return the battery for replacement
4. The cell itself internal positive and negative material micro-short circuit, this problem has a small chance of occurrence
Treatment: return the battery for replacement