Basic Composition of Battery Protection Board

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The reason why lithium battery (rechargeable type) needs protection is determined by its own characteristics. Because the material of lithium battery itself determines that it cannot be overcharged, overdischarged, overcurrent, short-circuit and ultra-high temperature charging and discharging, so lithium battery is always equipped with a delicate protection board.
Protection board is composed of electronic circuit plus electronic components, in the -10 ℃ to +50 ℃ environment at all times to accurately monitor the voltage of the cell and charge and discharge circuit current, timely control of the current circuit on and off; Apple battery in addition to the protection circuit, there is a power meter circuit.

Power meter circuit

The power meter circuit is composed of power meter chip, resistor, capacitor, etc. The power meter circuit is a circuit that measures the increase or decrease of the accumulated battery power, and is used to determine the remaining power in the rechargeable battery and the time the battery can continue to supply power under specific operating conditions, the power meter is responsible for estimating the battery capacity.


PCB, also known as printed circuit board, is an important electronic component, a support body for electronic components, and a carrier for the electrical connection of electronic components. If there are electronic parts in a certain kind of equipment, then they are also set in a variety of sizes of PCB. In addition to fixing a variety of small parts, the main function of the PCB is to provide the mutual electrical connection of the parts on the head. With the increasing complexity of electronic equipment, the need for more and more parts, PCB lines and parts on the head of the more and more intensive.

FPC Platforms

FPC, also called flexible circuit board, is made up of copper foil and insulating covering film. Since it is the bridge between the battery and the phone, the quality requirements are also very high. The material needs to be conductive and flexible, and we generally test it with a tensile machine as well as manual folding. the lines of the FPC also determine the conductivity, and the processing of each position also enhances the folding resistance of the liner.

Protection IC

Two-in-one protection IC is a collection of control protection IC and switch MOS tube function to a chip, so that it has the function of the 2.
Now the battery thickness is getting thinner and thinner, the thickness of the conventional chip can not meet the current production process, the need for a thinner chip, two-in-one chip volume is smaller, the thickness of only 1/3 of the conventional chip.
The role of two-in-one protection IC.
      1、Overcharge protection and overcharge protection recovery
      2、Over discharge protection and over discharge protection recovery
      3、Over-current protection and short-circuit protection
Our previous protection IC is the over-current protection function, the protection board has been upgraded to increase the over-current protection function.

Capacitor and resistor

Resistor: current limiting, voltage divider, shunt, detection and other functions.
Capacitor: the role of voltage regulation and filtering.
Electronic components according to the specifications, we commonly used 0402/0201.
Our current protection board upgraded V5.1 use is 0201 specifications.

Capacitance meter chip

Power meter is responsible for estimating the battery capacity. Its basic function is to monitor the voltage, charge/discharge current and battery temperature, and estimate the battery state of charge (SOC) and the battery‘s fully charged capacity (FCC), calculate the power through charge/discharge current, cell voltage, system temperature, the phone can be smoothly discharged from 100% to 1% and recorded, and currently our power meter IC can record the maximum current we have used.

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