8 Charging Methods That Hurt The Phone Battery Most

Time: 2020-12-15 Reads: 1448 Edit: Admin

Do you still think that charging your mobile phone is just connecting the wire? You will never know that the way your mobile phone is charged not only has a lot to do with your electricity bills and safety, but is also crucial to the life of the mobile phone’s battery. The mobile phone batteries we use now are based on accurate charging cycles, so in order to use them for a longer time, it is recommended that you do not charge them to 100% or consume them to 0%. Smart Phone Battery Manufacturers will share some tips on how to charge the phone battery correctly so that you can use your phone for a longer time.

First of all, you need to know that the following are the most harmful charging methods for mobile phone batteries. See if you are all recruited? How many hits?

1. You often plug the charger into the socket

You have to be aware that even if the charger is not connected to the phone, the charger will continue to consume power when it is plugged into the socket. First of all, this is not conducive to saving electricity; in addition, the heat released by the transformer will slowly accumulate and promote the surrounding things Fire; or if the surrounding air is sufficiently humid, it will also short-circuit the transformer and cause a fire.

Therefore, if you are not using the charger, be sure to unplug the charger from the socket.

2. You often charge your phone to full charge

If you charge the phone battery to 100% full charge every time, it will greatly shorten its service life. This is because each Rechargable Batteries has a precise number of charging cycles. If you always charge it to 100%, then this cycle will end soon.

Therefore, it is sufficient to fully charge the mobile phone once within a month, and keep the battery power at about 20%-80% in the rest of the time.

3. Every time the phone is charged, the remaining battery of the phone is always 0%

This situation is also very depleting the service life of mobile phone batteries, which is why we often talk about lithium batteries working with charging cycles. Because if the battery is dead, the life of the device will be reduced a little bit.

4. You often charge your phone overnight

It is believed that charging a mobile phone overnight is a situation that most people will encounter in life, but in fact, charging the mobile phone overnight will not only waste power, but also charge the battery more than the battery actually needs. This situation will also destroy the battery life cycle.

Therefore, please remember to never continue to keep your phone charged all night.

5. Continue to use the phone while it is charging

This situation is also a very common phenomenon in life. If you continue to use the phone to consume power during the process of charging the phone, it will cause excessive pressure on the battery, which is equivalent to the battery consuming power while charging, and doing two things at the same time. Such pressure can be very difficult even for people.

Therefore, please make sure that you will not continue to use the mobile phone during the charging process. If you receive a call during the charging process, the correct way is to unplug the charger from the socket and continue to connect the charger after the call is over charge the phone.

6. Even if the battery power exceeds 20%, still charge the phone

Nowadays, many people feel a little uneasy in the face of low battery power of their mobile phones. Therefore, when the battery power of the mobile phone is used more than half or more than 20%, they become anxious and start to find a charger to charge the phone. But this practice of constantly charging the phone is wrong, because it is likely to be a way to make the battery life less than it should.

Then the best way to use a Smartphone Battery is to charge it only when it is really needed, which means charging the battery when the battery is less than 20% but at least higher than 5%.

7. The phone shell is still kept when charging

One of the main enemies of the battery is heat. Now many people will install a mobile phone case to protect the phone from collision, and continue to use it even when it is charging. But in this case, the mobile phone will generate more heat invisibly, because the heat is not dissipated in time, which will cause other components inside the mobile phone to heat up.

Therefore, please remove the phone case before charging the phone so that the battery "breathes" during the charging process.

8. You have been using a universal and cheap charger

Each mobile phone has a matching charger, so it is not recommended that you use other brands of chargers or other models of chargers to replace each other when charging. Because you don‘t use the matching charger to charge, it is likely that the input power to the battery is too large or too small, which may also cause the battery to overheat or charge slowly.

Therefore, it is recommended that you use the matching charger when charging the mobile phone. If the original charger is broken or lost, it is best to repurchase a charger that matches the mobile phone model for use.

Mobile phone applications are already very common in our lives. In order to prevent the battery from being weak or there is some charging resistance when it is critical, we should use the correct charging method to charge the mobile phone, so you know the above 8 correct ways to charge Yet?